Just two weeks to go until the 2011 Aviation Nation Air Show at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada. By now most if not all of you have made your travel plans already, but if not, here’s some things to consider.

Friday, November 11, 2011 – Arrival/Media/Practice Day

Call it what you want, the day before the air show, any air show, will be one to be spotting at Nellis. Some of the acts will run through their demo, including the USAF Thunderbirds. It’s always a great scene to watch them go through their demo at their home base!

USAF Thunderbirds Solos Returning to Nellis AFB Jan. 2010-8782

Also on Friday, there will be Green Flag Ops flights to and from Nellis. Green Flag starts Nov. 4 and runs through the 18th.

Most of the static display aircraft will be arriving, as far as the military aircraft, later in the day is usually the rule of thumb.

Finally, some normal training ops will still be taking place. So all in all, Friday before the air show is very active at Nellis AFB !

If you are looking for spotting locations around Nellis, you can find some good ones at a previous post on this blog – Nellis spotting locations.


Photography by Hank Plumley will be spotting at Nellis AFB starting around 9am on Friday thru as late as 5pm. You can follow on Twitter @PhotosbyHank for Friday’s updates as well as updates from the show on Saturday and also MAFEX (pending cell coverage) on Weds. November 16th.

If you plan on stopping by I usually can be found on Cheyenne for arrival day.

Rather not follow? No problem! Follow or search hashtag #ANAS. Will do my best to remember to tag all the tweets, after all it’s Vegas and distractions are everywhere !



First and foremost you will want to be at Las Vegas Motor Speedway right at the time the gates open, which is 8am. Nellis does a wonderful job of crowd control and parking. First in is also, most of the time, first out. Unlike other air shows, where the first in is buried near the airport and farthest from the parking lot exits.

For the first time in many years, Nellis had a bus issue last year during the early hours of the day on Saturday. It was quickly solved, but there were some delays in getting onto the base from LVMS. So leave early to ensure if there is a hiccup, you’ll still get onto the base before the flying starts.

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

This year Sunday will host a B-2 Stealth Bomber flyby. It’s Sunday only so take that into account if the bomber is something you want to see fly.

Visit the full blog post listing the 2011 Aviation Nation Air Show Schedule for more information.