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Just added arrival footage into KISP, Mc Arthur Airport on Long Island, New York from 6/23/2013.

First in a few “catch up” edits and posts.

Enjoy !

I am currently trying to catch up from four years of taking photos and letting them sit. Noticed my Redbubble store hasn’t been updated in a longer time than that!

The following photos are from thunderstorms in Florida the year I moved. I was lucky that the storms seemed to follow me for that first year, now it’s become largely a seek and find to be honest. Heck, even hurricane Matthew turned away from us, thankfully.


Crawling Lightning Photo

A lightning bolt strikes the Earth while sending streams along the base of the storm clouds in Palm City, Florida. June 14, 2012.


Twin Lightning Bolts on Nettles Island

Two large lightning bolts strike the Jenson Beach, Florida area as seen from Nettles Island. August 22, 2012.

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After a few years of neglect, I am back to updating this blog.

Am working on the guts now, and hopefully will be posting photos in the near future.


Stay tuned !

On a recent trip to Long Island, New York, we stopped at Pinelawn cemetery. The cemetery is very large and offers many serene gardens and many monuments to visit.


Enjoy !

In the Garden of Peace at Pinelawn Cemetery

In the Garden of Peace at Pinelawn Cemetery (aka Long Island National). 2013

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