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(clicking the images will take you to the full gallery) The latest in my gallery rebuild is the album from AMARG(AMARC) boneyard in Tucson, Arizona from 2009. PIMA Air and Space Museum offers bus tours of the boneyard from which you’ll be able to get an overview of the inventory kept there. The 309th AMARG is both a scrap yard and storage yard. While it’s true, and sad, that many of the aircraft that enter the boneyard will never fly again, some do get second lives and return to duty. There is also a large […]

AMARG is the USAF’s Boneyard at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, in Tucson, Arizona. If you’re an aviation fan, it’s not the place you want to see your favorite aircraft in. Usually, aircraft fly in and get trucked out. It’s the scrap yard for the military. Tours are run daily from PIMA Air and Space Museum, which is just down the road. They are bus tours, no walking around the air force base. (clicking on the pictures will take you to the full gallery by Hank Plumley)          

  The PIMA Air and Space Museum is located in Tucson, Arizona just across from Davis Monthan Air Force Base. The museum houses a large array of aircraft providing a great depth of aviation history. Many of the aircraft are stored outdoors which is not a big issue seeing as it’s a desert. You can easily spend an entire day walking among the display aircraft. The museum also provides tours of the USAF Boneyard which is located on the Davis Monthan Air Force Base. Acres and acres of aircraft sitting, baking in the Arizona sun […]

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