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Shopping for a great gift idea? Try browsing the Photography by Hank Plumley Zazzle store for great ideas. Today would like to share some mugs that have some of the most viewed photos featured on them. As with nearly all Zazzle items, the mugs are 100% customizable by choosing your own style, color, size and more !

Some gift ideas from Photography by Hank Plumley’s Zazzle store. All items are fully customizable to your wishes and can be done so right in the store itself ! In addition to these, there are many more to choose from, enjoy!  

Well, it’s been a bit since I last posted. I have been wrapped up in building yet another gallery or portfolio of my work. I think is #6 in terms of galleries tried. Hopefully will be the final one for a good long time. The single biggest issue when starting out new is balancing research with field work, in terms of photography, I feel. I wish had spent a little more time researching gallery software/google images SEO and a little less time worrying about the actual static website. But hey, was a learning curve that […]

A few photos of the sunset after 2010 Aviation Nation. They were taken while waiting in line for the buses back to LVMS. Wasn’t a terrible wait at all, roughly 45 minutes which gave some time to snap a few final pics. Enjoy ! (Clicking on images will take you to the Photography by Hank Plumley Zazzle store.)

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