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With Aviation Nation 2010 quickly approaching, I thought it would be a good time to blog about Plane Spotting around Nellis Air Force Base. This will be a brief over view covering the where and how areas. For a deeper guide on plane spotting at Nellis Air Force Base, visit the Photography by Hank Plumley website. Many other locations are also listed there.

Nellis Air Force Base has recently added to the list of display aircraft that will be at the Aviation Nation 2010 Air Show this November: Get all the information about Aviation Nation 2010 on the Nellis Air Force Base website. C-21 KC-135 T-6 Texan II MH-60R MQ-1 MQ-9 E-8 T-33 T-38C T-41 T-51 T-52 T-34 Mig-15 Mig-17 SF-260 T-1 F-4 TBM-3 Jet Provost PT-22 O-2 Nanchang Haiyan C C-45 T-28C F-104 SNJ F-86 P-51 Piper Archer B-25 Bilinski Special Meko Aero Trainer Da42 Twin Star B-52

So you want to attend Aviation Nation 2010 but have never been to Las Vegas before and do not know anything about the city. How many people fall into this category? Really? Well, lucky for you, if you fall into the category, I know Vegas pretty well. One thing for certain,Vegas has tons of  hotel rooms ! Below is a listing of hotels and any specials they have for the 2010 Aviation Nation weekend.

Some of the performers for the 2010 Aviation Nation, Las Vegas Air Show at Nellis Air Force Base have been listed. Performers and demos will be added as they are confirmed up till the day of the show, so visit the 2010 Aviation Nation web page for the most up to date listing of performers and static displays.

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