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Some photos from a decent thunderstorm on Nettles Island, Florida. Enjoy !    

Florida is a photographers dream. The amount of subjects worth shooting is almost endless! One of the most exciting areas for me is the weather of Florida. You can almost count on a thunderstorm daily in southern Florida. Here are some photos from one of these daily thunderstorms. Enjoy !    

  The sunsets in Florida are magical nearly every day, this sunset held some remarkable cloud formations. The clouds are distant thunderstorms and thunderheads. The main cloud formation that sticks out looks like a plume of smoke from a fire or bomb on the horizon. Shame we think of bomb nowadays, but that’s really what it looked like! Enjoy!

Florida is THE place for thunderstorms and lightning. Luckily I love trying to capture lightning and this means plenty of chances for me! Below are a few of the final lightning photos from my last trip to Florida in June 2012. Enjoy!  

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