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Some photos from Hutchinson Island, Florida. Hutchinson Island is on the east coast of Florida and is a barrier island. The island hosts amazing beaches and is pretty un-congested as far as Florida goes. A great place to get lost for a day or three.   Enjoy !   (clicking on the photos will take you to the full gallery or store)  

Nettles Island is a small island off of Hutchinson Island on the east coast of Florida. It’s more or less a “snow birds” resort type of island, but every season a few more decide to stay. The island is on the lake or inlet side of the barrier island, so no ocean views are available. That being said, many, many spectacular views await ! Enjoy ! (clicking the photos will take you to the full store gallery)  

Spring has come early to Cleveland this year, 80 degrees in March means grab the camera for sure! That being said, it’s not out of the question winter will make a brief appearance, but today was splendid indeed !   Enjoy !    

May 23rd, 2011 was just another average Ohio day. 80 degrees, 89% humidity and a few storms rolling about. So yours truly decided to go to Cleveland Hopkins Airport to do so plane spotting. The large storm clouds being highlighted by a lowering sun provided too much of a dangled carrot for me not to go out.   The photo above was shot just after pulling into the spotting location. Nothing much really, just a few clouds being spun off of what would soon be known to be a tornadic thunderstorm.

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