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Some photos of daily flight ops at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Enjoy !    

Spring has come early to Cleveland this year, 80 degrees in March means grab the camera for sure! That being said, it’s not out of the question winter will make a brief appearance, but today was splendid indeed !   Enjoy !    

So far the winter has been very hit and miss in Cleveland. Photo ops are hard to find themed as winter. Have been shooting aircraft at Hopkins more than snow. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT praying for snow!!! This weekend had a nice cold snap and a little storm, only 5 inches but the winds made for some nice shots along the lakefront. Enjoy !  

The lighting of the Christmas lights on Public Square in Cleveland marks the official start of the Holiday Season here. This year the event was held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, though my mind was telling me every other year it was on the Friday after Thanksgiving . . .either I am getting old or they changed it, probably both. This year seemed a bit dull compared to years past. The crowds were extremely thin, the bands weren’t as pumped up as usual and even the fireworks had an overtone of dullness. All that aside, […]

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