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  The Hoover Dam and newly finished Mike O’ Callaghan – Pat Tillman Bridge are two must visit stops next time you are in Las Vegas. Just a short 35 minute drive from the Strip, these two man made wonders are something to behold. Many people have heard about or visited the Hoover Dam in the past, when it was the main route to Arizona. Now that the majority of the traffic has been re-routed around the dam, it’s time to revisit the landmark. Anytime one sees in person something as mammoth as Hoover Dam, it’s always […]

For the never before visitors to Fabulous Las Vegas, I thought I would throw together a timeline from  a typical 24 hour period when visiting Las Vegas. Of course there are as many different versions of this as there are people in the world, but I am hopeful at least a majority of the timeline will match many other tourists’ daily activities in Vegas.   4:00 am – Hop in the shower, do what ya got to do! Well most of the days begin at 6 or 7 am elsewhere in the world, not in […]

On Veterans Day 2011, the Venetian and Palazzo Hotel and Casinos changed their “neon” signs to reflect red, white and blue in honor of those who are and have served in the military. It was a great sight to see on the Vegas strip. Well done Venetian and Palazzo, well done !      

Photos of some of the wildlife on Nettles Island, Florida. The whole state of Florida is a bird watchers paradise I would think. I’ve never seen anything like the birds they have down there. It’s almost like stepping back in time to the prehistoric days. I wish I had more time to capture more birds. Usually I would see the strange ones when driving where I couldn’t pull over and snap a photo. Well, that will be a goal on the next trip! Enjoy ! (clicking on the photos will take you to the Photos […]

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