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Have you ever asked yourself – Why are none of my 14,000 images found in Google’s image search? There are only 3 reasons why that question would not sound familiar: 1)You already know what to do to get your images in the search results 2)You don’t care about getting your images in the search results 3)You are lucky To say I am going to explain the process in just one post would be very mis-leading or very untrue. So this is the beginning of the “Getting Google Images Spider to Find Your Images” tutorial.

Recently I posted a tutorial on the Digital Darkroom Work Flow. After reading and re-reading the post, and also pondering it for a good bit of a day, I felt compelled to follow that post up with an explanation of keywords or tags for your photos. From the first step in your work flow, keywords and tags need to be, at the very least, thought about if not actively worked with. It is a common known fact that the work flow is not written in stone and any step can redone at any time, though […]

The Digital Darkroom – Workflow One of the most frustrating things for me when I was starting out was the number of times I went back into my photo editing software to add to, delete, or change something on an image that I thought was done. Mind you, I am not speaking of adding a new special effect, or reworking an image. I am speaking of basic things I either forgot or ignored or plain didn’t know about at the time I was editing. Hopefully after reading this post, a new photographer will not go […]

Since picking up a camera, I have read many articles and books on photography trying to become a better photographer. While the books and articles did help a great deal, I came across what I feel is the single biggest tip any new photographer needs to know. That tip is this: always, always have your camera with you. Sounds silly and trickish to get you to come here, but it is so not funny nor a ploy for visitors. I have missed many, many photos because I didn’t have my camera with me. You just […]

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