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How to tip in Las Vegas is one of the most asked questions I get via email. Also, from my own observations, is one of the least known things! When you arrive at your favorite hotel, you should look for the Vegas2Go handbook for visitors. It’s packed full of great info on the city as well as coupons and events for the next few weeks when your there! The following list will help you with tipping in Vegas. Some information is from Vegas2GO. Waitstaff – 15-20% of bill pre-tax, buffets – $1-$2 per person. Valet – $3-$5 […]

Not very often do I write a review of software that I find or even equipment I use. Personally I feel there isn’t one piece of the puzzle that everyone would find useful when it comes to the photography world. Recently, well more like over the past four months, I have been searching for some software that allows the quick production of collages. I know Photoshop can do it and so can many other graphic editors, but I don’t want the hassle of creating it from scratch. Do I really need to know how to […]

LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog Catalog, Empire Avenue, Flickr, FaceBook, FaceBook Pages and the list goes on and on and on. So many social media sites out there! It has now become an issue of what site you are most comfortable using to get your message or brand out to your targets or friends. In addition to the social media sites, for photographers we have a whole slew of photo sharing or gallery sites as well! It is becoming a daunting task to keep all the social media sites you use updated with fresh  content. In addition […]

Thought this might help any photographers out there who are thinking they can’t take pictures. Everyone has bloopers, here are some of mine. Oh, and please don’t comment that I didn’t follow my own tagging and naming rules, these are so not worth all that effort! Enjoy!  

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