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Watching twitter now for some time, I’ve noticed some interesting habits if you want to call them that. There are some tweeple that rarely tweet, some that tweet a good bit and then those that tweet almost too much, not that there is such a thing. Everyone on twitter has their own reasons to be there. Tear away all of those reasons and it all boils down to the hunger for information. Information on what your friends are up to, information on what your favorite band is up to, information drives twitter. That being said, […]

LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog Catalog, Empire Avenue, Flickr, FaceBook, FaceBook Pages and the list goes on and on and on. So many social media sites out there! It has now become an issue of what site you are most comfortable using to get your message or brand out to your targets or friends. In addition to the social media sites, for photographers we have a whole slew of photo sharing or gallery sites as well! It is becoming a daunting task to keep all the social media sites you use updated with fresh  content. In addition […]

On May 1st, 2011 Twitter grew up and became an important source of news reports. I am sure many of you have already heard how twitter account @reallyvirtual tweeted the raid on Osama Bin Laden while it was happening. Well it’s 1/2 true, he tweeted about a helicopter and some blasts, but not about the raid as no one knew exactly what all that action meant at the time.

Empire Avenue is a social media networking site that offers so much more than the ordinary sites. It not only funnels all your efforts on the likes of Twitter, LinkdIn, Facebook, but it also provides a huge push to you to stay focused on your networking plans.  

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