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Not very often do I write a review of software that I find or even equipment I use. Personally I feel there isn’t one piece of the puzzle that everyone would find useful when it comes to the photography world. Recently, well more like over the past four months, I have been searching for some software that allows the quick production of collages. I know Photoshop can do it and so can many other graphic editors, but I don’t want the hassle of creating it from scratch. Do I really need to know how to […]

The Digital Darkroom – Workflow One of the most frustrating things for me when I was starting out was the number of times I went back into my photo editing software to add to, delete, or change something on an image that I thought was done. Mind you, I am not speaking of adding a new special effect, or reworking an image. I am speaking of basic things I either forgot or ignored or plain didn’t know about at the time I was editing. Hopefully after reading this post, a new photographer will not go […]

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