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After a few years of neglect, I am back to updating this blog. Am working on the guts now, and hopefully will be posting photos in the near future.   Stay tuned !

Recently there was a challenge put forth on Blog Catalog started by user, LiftingMeUp, it’s a Photo Scavenger Hunt ! There are 8 categories that all the members of the challenge must capture in a picture. Some of which weren’t “dog”, lol. It was a ton of fun and want to thank Antonia for letting me in the fun. So without further blah blah blah, here are the photos: (clicking on the pictures will take you to the Photography by Hank Plumley Zazzle Store for Prints and Gifts)

Well, I managed to catch Airplane! on AMC  this week. Who doesn’t love this movie? After watching the movie, I was uploading some more photos into my store, when it hit me I never reviewed the Airplane! Video Slot by WMS. Could there be a more perfect themed slot? How did I not review this slot seeing as I love aviation? So many questions, so little time. So here ya go, the review of the new WMS Video Slot, Airplane!

A little bit off topic for me, but recently a fellow blogger and friend, Alex, had his cooking blog, Cooking for Assholes,  mentioned by world renowned chef, Anthony Bourdain in an interview on Not Quite Nigella blog. Alex is part of the Blog Catalog community and has helped me out in a few things about blogging and the bloggosphere. It’s neat to see a good blog and dedicated blogger get mentioned by a high profile chef. Alex’s recipes are great and  deserve recognition. So, if you’d like to read a blog that Anthony Bourdain reads, […]

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