Lost Nation Airport sign in Willoughby, Ohio


A Gathering of Eagles XV, presented by United States Aviation Museum at Lost Nation Airport in Willoughby, Ohio was a great air show. Mark your calendars for next year to attend this air show.

There are many reasons this air show left a huge smile on my face, here are a few reasons:

Firstly, the attention to the Heroes, the Veterans of wars past. It was excellent to see the younger generations talking and interacting with our War Vets. The rich history these Vets have will live on longer by air shows such as A Gathering of Eagles XV. We should never forget the sacrifices these individuals have made to ensure that freedom and liberty live on! After all, without their efforts we would not be able to attend air shows.

Military re-enactments are a big attraction at A Gathering of Eagles XV Air Show


The wide array of re-enactment displays was amazing. Also a great way to teach the history of wars past as well as being able to relive historical moments in the nation’s past. There were enough displays to satisfy the biggest military history buff.

A vintage WWII motorcycle and side car, complete with war hero, scoots by during A Gathering of Eagles XV Air Show,


Easy in, easy out and easy while inside! One of the biggest gripes I have about air shows is the access to it and from it. So far the air show that handles this the best by far is Aviation Nation at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. Now, it’s not fair to compare most shows to Aviation Nation as anything in Vegas is usually done many times better than anywhere else, primarily due to Vegas’ vast resources. That being said, A Gathering of Eagles XV handled the traffic and crowds splendidly. Very few times was there a parking lot on the main road, and when there was more parking attendants were moved to the bottleneck to clear it quickly.

The B-25N Mitchell is a big crowd draw at A Gathering of Eagles XV


Once inside the show, moving around was a breeze. No hidden obstructions, no box seating in the middle of the static display run, like many shows have making you walk out of your way to continue visiting the displays. Plenty of great food to choose from as well, you always need an elephant ear before the flying begins!

The MiG, T-28B Trojan and Boeing Stearman are all early arrivals to A Gathering of Eagles XV Air Show


For a small sized air show, A Gathering of Eagles XV handles itself as a large air show. A great range of planes both on display and in the air along with celebrating the history of our military branches makes this a must attend air show year after year. Too late for this year’s show, but not too early to make plans to attend next year’s !

Would like to thank Pattie Oakar, Kathy Davis and Jeff Retter for all their assistance and information provided while covering the air show.

Kenny Crumpton from Fox 8 News in Cleveland, Ohio interviews members of a re-enactment group while sitting in a half-track at A Gathering of Eagles XV