During my coverage of the AEHF / Atlas V satellite launch, I was able to take some photos of the NASA Kennedy Space Center complex along the way.

Enjoy !

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Tight shot of NASA's iconic Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB). Spacecraft from Gemini to the Space Shuttle have used this building. May 2012.


The VAB or Vehicle Assembly Building, is the tallest building on the coast. Once you are near the gates, the building becomes visible. It sort of looms in the distance and for most of us, always is in the distance. It’s size is enormous, allowing the assembly of the tallest of spacecraft vertically in the position they will be launched. Every space shuttle, Apollo and Gemini mission began in this building. To say it has seen some history is a huge understatement!

NASA's launch pad 39A where the journey to the moon began


Inside NASA's media center, May 3, 2012.


Walking and waiting in the media center gave time to not only get briefed on the launch we were covering but also to reflect back on missions of the past. Walter Cronkite possibly walked this room gathering information and a last minute interview before an Apollo launch. The room has a feeling of hallowed ground. It’s a shame many of our younger generations won’t see a manned launch for a few years. Hopefully SpaceX will work out and man will be once again leaving from the United States to the International Space Station.


NASA's countdown clock and the United States flag, May 3, 2012.


A mock space shuttle, Explorer, sits outside the VAB waiting for shipping to Houston.