Some photos of Cleveland Ohio in the spring.

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The Cleveland Ohio skyline looking across Lake Erie photo

Waves rolling on old docks looking west over Lake Erie from Cleveland Ohio

Light house on the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland Ohio photo by Hank Plumley

Photography by Hank Plumley website

Ribbon of red in a rock formation in Red Rock Canyon Summerlin NevadaRed Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is located in Summerlin, Nevada just 30 minutes for the Las Vegas Strip. It hosts some amazing views and stunning desert colors. The parkway is a 14 mile loop that has plenty of areas to park and hike or rock climb or even just sit and wonder at the beauty that surrounds you.

The famous red strips that appear in many of the mountains in and around The winding parkway heading towards the mountains in Red Rock Canyon Summerlin NevadaRed Rock Canyon is caused by iron ore deposits in the rock. This combined with the geological forces of the are that Nevada is in combine to produce amazing sites. Red Rock Canyon photos rival Valley of Fire photos in their splendor.

Being in a desert, the temperatures in Red Rock Canyon often reach the 100 degree + mark so be prepared when you go out there. In the winter it is possible to get snow on the mountains around the area, and even in the park itself on some occasions.

A cactus in the foreground looking at a red mountain in Red Rock Canyon Summerlin NevadaNext time you’re in Vegas playing the slots, take a few hours to get away from the strip and check out Red Rock Canyon, it’s worth the short drive. If you are a gamer, Red Rock Casino is on the way to the Canyon.

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C-124 Globemaster aircraft on display at PIMA Air and Space Museum Tucson ArizonaThe PIMA Air and Space Museum is located in Tucson, Arizona just across from Davis Monthan Air Force Base. The museum houses a large array of aircraft providing a great depth of aviation history. Many of the aircraft are stored outdoors which is not a big issue seeing as it’s a desert. You can easily spend an entire day walking among the display aircraft.

The museum also provides tours of the USAF Boneyard which is located on T-38 Talons in the USAF Boneyard waiting to be scrapped at Davis Monthan Air Force Base Tucson Arizonathe Davis Monthan Air Force Base. Acres and acres of aircraft sitting, baking in the Arizona sun awaits you. From B1-B Lancers awaiting upgrades to F-4 Phantoms awaiting the scrap crane, many military jets are on site. Some are being stored for possible future use if needed. Most however are waiting to be scrapped. The biggest crime is seeing F-14 Tomcats that have been prepped for scrap. This was the Navy’s front line fighter and the co-star of the movie Topgun. To think that a few years ago these planes were patrolling the skies keeping the world safe and now are being scrapped, it’s a shame really.

KC-135 Stratotankers being stored at the USAF Boneyard in Tucson ArizonaThere area also some lesser known aircraft strewn about the boneyard and it’s to be expected. After all, we can’t hold on to out of date technology and still think we can remain a superpower. The one plane that a few people on the tour bus thought would be here and isn’t is the F-111 Stealth Fighter. These will not be scrapped, as of right now at least. Most of them are stored tightly in a hanger at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada. They are able to be readied for service rather quickly if the call arises.

PIMA Air and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona is an aircraft museum every aviation fan should put on the list of places to visit.

Photography by Hank Plumley website

Rachel Nevada is home to the Nellis Bombing and Gunnery Ranges which are better known as Area 51. For anyone that has even the remotest interest in aviation, they have heard of Area 51. The town of Rachel is a three hour drive North from Las Vegas in the Tikaboo Valley on Route 375, Extraterrestrial Highway.Extraterrestrial Highway sign at the junction of Route 375 and Route 95 near Alamo, Nevada

As you leave I-15 for Route 93, you are suddenly thrown into the desolation of the Nevada landscape. There are only two towns along the way, Ash Springs and Alamo. If you are heading out this way it’s a good idea to get gas at Alamo, no gas is to be found in Rachel. As you depart the gas station at Alamo it’s a short drive to the Route 375 junction. Once on 375 the first photo op is on the right at the Extraterrestrial Highway sign, if it is still there. Souvenir hunters like snatching the sign from time to time.

The pull of in front of the sign is also an area where workers from Area 51 get picked up by buses and shuttled into the base. From the amount of cars parked here you can get an idea of work activity at the base. Although the majority of workers are flown in from Las Vegas, allegedly.

The next stop along the way is the UFO Researchers building on the left a short drive up the road. You can’t miss it, it has a five story metallic alien in front of it.

The resUFO Research building and five story alien near Rachel Nevada on Route 375 photot of the drive is pretty straight forward desert landscape. Once you hit the summit you will see the valley below you and Main Gate Road heading straight into the horizon. It’s a gravel road that is usually in excellent shape and can be traveled on by a car. This is the road to take if you want to see the border, warning signs and the ever present “cammo dudes” or base security. Little warning, do not try to cross the border into the base, you will be detained until Nye County Sheriff arrives and checks you out. I imagine they will detain you for a good amount of time also. The border and base are not things you can happen upon, you have to know where you are going to get there so the security take border crossings very seriously, but there is know top secret base there, lol.

Rachel Nevada is a few miles from Main Gate Road, don’t blink or you’ll miss it. The town is comprised of some trailers and houses and the Little Ale’Inn Little AleInn on Route 375 in Rachel Nevada photo by Hank Plumleybar, eatery, museum and souvenir shop. The food is great, I recommend the famous Alien Burger, very tasty. While Rachel’s biggest claim to fame is Area 51, it is also a great location for plane spotting during Red Flag exercises conducted by Nellis Air Force Base. You will be able to see a wide variety of aircraft coming and going to the ranges. Often sonic booms are heard as the fighters conducted supersonic training during Red Flag. The fighters are usually low and fast around the area, so be prepared, they sneak up you fast ! Dreamland Resort is a great resource for Red Flag and Rachel trip reports, check them out before you go.

If you are going to Rachel in the summer be prepared for heat. It can get well past 100 degrees so bring a good bit of water, especially if you want to hike to get a better view of the fighters. In the winter in can dip below zero with a good bit of snow.

Area 51 Warning Signs on Main Gate Road in Rachel Nevada photo by Hank Plumley

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