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E-6 Sentry AWACS arrives at Nellis Air Force Base before a Red Flag exercise photo by Hank PlumleyUploaded Red Flag photos to the gallery. For me, this is one the most exciting topics to cover as a photographer. Aviation is a huge interest and has been for most of my life. Using photography to capture the moments at an airshow is special, using it for coverage of a Red Flag exercise is amazing.

Red Flag is the name given to the United States Air Force training exercises held at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada. They run roughly four Red Flags a year. They also host Green Flag and Maple Flag exercises which include Fort Irwin army base and Canadian Forces respectively.

Each Red Flag is different in the list of participating units. The usual playersF-15D Eagle returns to Nellis Air Force Base with air brake deployed photo by Hank Plumley include KC-135s, AWACS, F-16 Fighting Falcons and F-15 Strike Eagles. The last Red Flag I attended was in March 2010 and the players were varied a great deal. F/A-18 Hornets, Harriers and B1-B Lancers were some of a large sampling of aircraft taking part.

I should make note that I attended Red Flag like anyone else can, from the areas around Nellis Air Force Base. I have included GPS on my photos so you can find the locations if you are going to Nellis for some plane spotting.

Even though Red Flag is almost a guarantee for plane spotting, normal day Squadron of F-15 Strike Eagles returning to Nellis Air Force Base during Red Flag photo by Hank Plumleyto day operations at Nellis offer very good plane spotting as well. While I was in Vegas I was usually hanging out around Nellis. The sight of F-15s taking to the sky never became dull. To see F-22 Raptors roaring into the air was  something to see. The base is usually a hive of activity on any given day.

For more information on Red Flag History please visit my site. On my blog I have a page I will update on Red and Green Flag schedules and players as the information is released.

Enjoy !

Photography by Hank Plumley website


The first of many update posts. Added Valley of Fire photos to the photography by Hank Plumley photo gallery.

One horned mountain goat in Valley of Fire State Park, Overton, Nevada photo by Hank PlumleyValley of Fire State Park is located in Overton, Nevada about a one hour drive North of Las Vegas. The park is Nevada’s first and oldest state park. The park has seen many settlers make their homes in the area, all of which have disappeared from the area. The Valley was the location of a large lake millions of years which is the cause of the sandstone deposits that make the splendid colors you will see when you visit. The park offers camping, hiking, picnicking, and biking. The visitors center has a wealth of information on the history of the area as well as information on the natural inhabitants of the park.

Pointers Rock formation in Valley of Fire State Park, Overton, Nevada photo by Hank PlumleyThe beauty of Valley of Fire State Park is amazing. From deep rust colors to vibrant yellow and greens are abundant, and I am speaking of the rock formations! During the summer there is little plant life that survives, but where it does it adds a nice contrast to the rocky scenery. Fall, Winter, and Spring offer better variety of brush and flowers in the Valley. The summer is the best time to see why the park has gotten it’s name. Make sure to bring a good deal of water if you visit in the summer, if not, you will regret it.

Scenic drive through the mountains in Valley of Fire State Park, Overton, Nevada photo by Hank PlumleyThere are so many photo ops in the park it’s hard to choose where to start. When arriving from I-15, you have a splendid drive to the entrance through a desert plain then a canyon. Rarely did I make it to the entrance without stopping for pictures. Once inside the park it’s like fishing in a bucket. The views and rock formations come at you from every direction. Thank god for the park map, otherwise I would have been doing circles for days instead of hours.

So if you get the chance to visit Las Vegas, make a day trip to The Valley of Fire State Park. It is worth the trip to see nature’s beauty of the desert.

As always, enjoy !

Well, never did I realize that rebuilding could be so much fun. Due to unforeseen issues, my former site, blog and gallery had to be rebuilt from scratch. So, rolling up my sleeves, I dove right in and began the task.

So far I have a new website, Photography by Hank Plumley that is far easier to navigate and use and am working on my Gallery 3 installation now. Soon will be back to updating you all on the new pictures I will be capturing.

For now here are some free use pictures from the new site:

Keep checking back for more info as I will chronicle my rebuilding here.

Thanks for reading and enjoy !

Pit road busy during the March 2007 Sam's Town 300 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway


Ryan Newman in the pits during the 2007 3M Performance 400 at MIS


New York New York Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

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