Not very often do I write a review of software that I find or even equipment I use. Personally I feel there isn’t one piece of the puzzle that everyone would find useful when it comes to the photography world.

Recently, well more like over the past four months, I have been searching for some software that allows the quick production of collages. I know Photoshop can do it and so can many other graphic editors, but I don’t want the hassle of creating it from scratch. Do I really need to know how to layer multiple items to create a super processed digital image? I feel I don’t, and I really feel I don’t want to ever get that deep into the “darkroom” end of digital photography.

I think keeping it clean and neat with as few post production edits is the way I would like to go with my photography. I am sure many of you want to travel down the super editing path, and I wish you luck and look forward to the final product. I just don’t see a use for it in my work.

Having said all that, I was looking for a simple collage maker that offered enough room to be creative and at the same time wasn’t requiring a BA in computer science to use.

After many, many, many downloads and trials, I found Picture Collage Maker PRO. This software is amazing ! The first time I fired it up I had a finished collage in under five minutes. Five minutes ! Everything is in plain english and seems to be written with the user in mind. Imagine that!

Picture Collage Maker Pro has many built in templates you can choose from to use and also allows a large area of room for original designs. The choices are numerous as far as size of photos to use, amount of photos to use and changing the design is super easy as well.

I can see this software becoming one of the most used pieces in my digital darkroom flow. The possibilities are endless as to what I can now easily create into collages.

There are two versions available, a regular and a Pro. The regular version is available for the Mac as of this review.  The pricing is very reasonable as well considering what the software does for you! I have not included the prices as they will change from time to time as with anything else, and I do not want to get into “Why was the price such and such on this blog” in the future.

If you have been looking for software like this, please do yourself a favor and visit Picture Collage Maker ‘s website. It will save you alot of time wasted searching for the right stuff! 

Keep watching for collages made with Picture Collage Maker Pro, will be posting them as time and projects allow !