C-124 Globemaster aircraft on display at PIMA Air and Space Museum Tucson ArizonaThe PIMA Air and Space Museum is located in Tucson, Arizona just across from Davis Monthan Air Force Base. The museum houses a large array of aircraft providing a great depth of aviation history. Many of the aircraft are stored outdoors which is not a big issue seeing as it’s a desert. You can easily spend an entire day walking among the display aircraft.

The museum also provides tours of the USAF Boneyard which is located on T-38 Talons in the USAF Boneyard waiting to be scrapped at Davis Monthan Air Force Base Tucson Arizonathe Davis Monthan Air Force Base. Acres and acres of aircraft sitting, baking in the Arizona sun awaits you. From B1-B Lancers awaiting upgrades to F-4 Phantoms awaiting the scrap crane, many military jets are on site. Some are being stored for possible future use if needed. Most however are waiting to be scrapped. The biggest crime is seeing F-14 Tomcats that have been prepped for scrap. This was the Navy’s front line fighter and the co-star of the movie Topgun. To think that a few years ago these planes were patrolling the skies keeping the world safe and now are being scrapped, it’s a shame really.

KC-135 Stratotankers being stored at the USAF Boneyard in Tucson ArizonaThere area also some lesser known aircraft strewn about the boneyard and it’s to be expected. After all, we can’t hold on to out of date technology and still think we can remain a superpower. The one plane that a few people on the tour bus thought would be here and isn’t is the F-111 Stealth Fighter. These will not be scrapped, as of right now at least. Most of them are stored tightly in a hanger at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada. They are able to be readied for service rather quickly if the call arises.

PIMA Air and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona is an aircraft museum every aviation fan should put on the list of places to visit.