So you’ve followed some of the tips in the previous post “Planning Your First Trip to Las Vegas” , and you’re now ready for a return trip to Fabulous Las Vegas. You have received tons of mailings from the casinos you gambled and sign up for a players card at. Now, which one do you choose?

The best way to go about this is to make piles containing types of offers. As an example, you could separate the offers into “Two or more nights comp’d”,  “One night Comp’d”, “Discounted nights” stacks. Another good one is “Favorite Properties”, although those should be in the “Two or more nights comp’d” stack if you’re doing this whole thing correctly!

Obviously we want to stay in Las Vegas for free, that will allow us to have more money to have fun with! So start looking at the offers with the most free nights. Again, hopefully, they match the properties that you like the most. If they don’t, you need to spend more time in the ones you like on your next trip!

When you call to make your reservations, ALWAYS ask for a casino host. Each property has them, and they are there to ensure you have a great time at their location, why not take advantage of this service? Some resorts do have levels you must reach before you will be able to use a hosts’ services, but don’t worry, they will tell you that when you call. There’s no way to find out unless you ask, so, ask !

To make this easy, we’ll assume the resort you like the most also has hosts available for your level of play. Book your room through the host, not the front desk! Why? Firstly, many of the resorts will have a Host or VIP check in. No need to wait in long lines if you book through a casino host! Also, hosts are much easier to explain special needs to. If you require a late check in, early check in, whatever it may be, the casino hosts take care of a much, much smaller amount of guests than the front desk staff. You can be assured if you tell a host you need something, it will be done or at least you’ll be told why it can’t be accommodated!

One reason to contact a host is to get a true idea of what type of player you are at that resort. You may be a larger player than you think and can take advantage of offers and special treatment you thought was just for whales! Wouldn’t it be nice to take a limo from the airport instead of a cab or a shuttle bus? Many casinos offer this service free when booking through a host, really, I would not lie! Gratuity for the driver of course is up to you.

Another reason to contact a casino host is for the personal touch they give. The better casino hosts will make sure they find you during your stay to make sure you having a good time in their hotel/casino. As well they should! You are spending your hard earned cash in their machines, on their tables or at their sports book, they should check in on you! If you book through the front desk, you will not get this nice little touch.

Possibly the biggest reason to contact a casino host is for that nice feeling of being appreciated or wanted. Sure the free buffets, shows, slot credits and rooms are nice, but to get a food basket with a card in your room is simply awesome! You get that feeling that they really do appreciate your gaming at their resort.

So, you’re now on board with the casino host idea, but your favorite resort only gives you two nights and you are staying six nights, what do you do? You have a few options. Book at another resort, your second favorite, on their offer of free nights, talk to your new casino host at your first choice and see what they can do, pay out right for the extra nights at your favorite place (not the best choice to be honest, but sometimes has to be done!).

There isn’t a property in Vegas or a host in Vegas that doesn’t know that you will be visiting other casinos. They all pass their competition on the way to work every day! This benefits you as a patron, they may extend your free nights for an extra one or two or the whole trip. Even if they don’t, don’t feel like you need to stay at one place for the entire trip.

So, now you’re a Vegas expert and want to see more resorts. This means you should rent a car. Every rental in Vegas will give you a map of the Strip, or the Valley or at the very least be able to tell you how to get to the strip from the rental company. Heck, I will tell you that – three right turns, right out of the garage, right at first light, right on Las Vegas Blvd. That’s easy as pie!

Once in your hotel, look for the Vegas2Go magazine, it’s free and contains a map. You can also bring your GPS with you on your trip which makes things really nice and easy! If it’s your first time driving in Vegas, do so off hours. Don’t go to the strip at 10pm when all the shows are letting out, it’s complete chaos ! Controlled chaos, but can be overwhelming for a new driver in Vegas. Try the off Strip areas like Red Rock Casino, Green Valley Ranch, M Resort, Boulder Highway has a number of casinos also.

Once you rent a car you’ll never go to Vegas without renting one again. Total freedom is a wonderful thing! When you are going to the new resorts you’ve never been to, remember to sign up for a players card! Just like your first trip, this is your first time at these casinos, so you need to let them know you’re there to get their offers. Some of the off strip casinos will be very eager to have you stay with them and may offer better comps than a Strip casino. With all the latest building in the Valley, many of the off Strip casinos rival the resorts on the Strip. M Resort is amazingly elegant and beautiful, yet very comfortable. Red Rock Casino is also of this caliber as well. Green Valley Ranch has won many awards and is often voted a locals favorite casino, it’s also a resort that could be on the Strip.

So in closing, you should be only paying for airfare when visiting Vegas after your first trip. No cab fare, no room rates, no monorail passes. This means more money for fun, and that’s what Vegas is all about, fun! That being said, if you like the adult beverages, then by all means use public transportation! Please don’t drive the rental car.