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E-6 Sentry AWACS arrives at Nellis Air Force Base before a Red Flag exercise photo by Hank PlumleyUploaded Red Flag photos to the gallery. For me, this is one the most exciting topics to cover as a photographer. Aviation is a huge interest and has been for most of my life. Using photography to capture the moments at an airshow is special, using it for coverage of a Red Flag exercise is amazing.

Red Flag is the name given to the United States Air Force training exercises held at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada. They run roughly four Red Flags a year. They also host Green Flag and Maple Flag exercises which include Fort Irwin army base and Canadian Forces respectively.

Each Red Flag is different in the list of participating units. The usual playersF-15D Eagle returns to Nellis Air Force Base with air brake deployed photo by Hank Plumley include KC-135s, AWACS, F-16 Fighting Falcons and F-15 Strike Eagles. The last Red Flag I attended was in March 2010 and the players were varied a great deal. F/A-18 Hornets, Harriers and B1-B Lancers were some of a large sampling of aircraft taking part.

I should make note that I attended Red Flag like anyone else can, from the areas around Nellis Air Force Base. I have included GPS on my photos so you can find the locations if you are going to Nellis for some plane spotting.

Even though Red Flag is almost a guarantee for plane spotting, normal day Squadron of F-15 Strike Eagles returning to Nellis Air Force Base during Red Flag photo by Hank Plumleyto day operations at Nellis offer very good plane spotting as well. While I was in Vegas I was usually hanging out around Nellis. The sight of F-15s taking to the sky never became dull. To see F-22 Raptors roaring into the air was  something to see. The base is usually a hive of activity on any given day.

For more information on Red Flag History please visit my site. On my blog I have a page I will update on Red and Green Flag schedules and players as the information is released.

Enjoy !