Stuntman Sam by Aristocrat is a hugely entertaining video slot machine. The penny slot has many bonuses that are triggered by landing icons on the reels or as random bonuses. In the bonuses are mini games, or mini bonuses. The slot also features progressive jackpots.


Filmed at Rampart Casino, Summerlin Nevada June 2011

The Stats:

Max bet is $2.00 or 200 credits, but it is not needed to win the progressives. The progessives will change according to the players bet, lower the wager lower progressive amounts.

Three main bonus features, wild symbol, wild multiplier during free games.

The Bonus Games:

There are three main bonus games, Pick a Card, Electric Claw and Sam’s Reel Feature. In each of the bonus games, you have chances to win free games, stunts, or credits. Now this is where the game REALLY draws you in. If for example you win free games, during the free games the Stuntman Sam symbol becomes a wild multiplier. Also during the free games you can land 3 stunt symbols to win that stunt bonus, multiple times! Win 3 stunts, you will then play 3 stunts after the free spins! Really during the bonus games you have the chance to hop on a circle of winning free games, winning stunts in them, winning more free games, etc. etc.

Now of course bonus wins strung together don’t happen all of the time, but there is a real good chance you can string a couple together at one session.

There are 5 stunts that the player can win in many ways, one of which is landing 3 stunt icons on active paylines. The stunts are getting shot out of a cannon, a high dive, dodging the knife throw, bike jump and a plane stunt.

Each stunt comes with very entertaining graphics and wonderful audio. They make for a great chaser so to speak.

This slot title will have you occupied for a good amount time. Seems the hit frequency is very good, including the bonus hit frequency. The stunts are amazingly entertaining and graphics and audio are some of the best out there!

  • I give Stuntman Sam a rating of 8 out of 10. It’s a slot that has a very high replay appeal with an amazing amount of bonus games as well! Well done Aristocrat !