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Ahhh Fabulous Las Vegas! Few can say they REALLY don’t want to visit at least once. Fewer admit that they didn’t like it once they did visit! But many, many visitors approach a trip to Las Vegas as they would a trip to Oklahoma City, and that’s simply not the correct way to go about it! Hopefully the following post will help you in planning your first, or next trip to Las Vegas! Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign. 2009 Travel: Whether you swear by one of the many online travel sites, or choose […]

So you’ve followed some of the tips in the previous post “Planning Your First Trip to Las Vegas” , and you’re now ready for a return trip to Fabulous Las Vegas. You have received tons of mailings from the casinos you gambled and sign up for a players card at. Now, which one do you choose? The best way to go about this is to make piles containing types of offers. As an example, you could separate the offers into “Two or more nights comp’d”,  “One night Comp’d”, “Discounted nights” stacks. Another good one is “Favorite Properties”, […]

For the never before visitors to Fabulous Las Vegas, I thought I would throw together a timeline from  a typical 24 hour period when visiting Las Vegas. Of course there are as many different versions of this as there are people in the world, but I am hopeful at least a majority of the timeline will match many other tourists’ daily activities in Vegas.   4:00 am – Hop in the shower, do what ya got to do! Well most of the days begin at 6 or 7 am elsewhere in the world, not in […]

The M Resort Spa Casino, where do I start? The property is close to the perfect destination for gamers that exists in Las Vegas. I am sure it is a great location for non-gamers as well, but being a gamer, I couldn’t comment on that! M Resort Hash House Balcony November 2010, Las Vegas Nevada The M Resort provides everyone that walks through it’s doors a unique atmosphere that no other hotel/casino/resort in Vegas has. The M Resort has placed you, us, the patrons as the focal point of every facet of their property.

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