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Arrival Day is the Friday before the air show when most of the static display aircraft arrive at the show site. It’s a nice draw as these aircraft will not so demos during the air show. Also on Friday is the “media show” for national and local media covering the air show. Friday started off overcast, and warm with a broken ceiling. By the time I arrived at the E.9th Street Pier it had turned full overcast with a squall line about to hit the area. 30 mins later rain, wind, cold. Got to love […]

Photos from the Blue Angels Friday practice for the 2010 Cleveland National Air Show. The Friday before the air show is traditionally “media day” where just about all performers fly for local and national media that are covering the air show. In usual Cleveland style, the weather started off gloomy, changed to rainy, heavy rainy, windy and rain, and thankfully settled into windy and sunny in the afternoon. The weather was not the only story of the day .  .  .

Today at noon the Navy Blue Angels took to the skies above Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland, Ohio. The last time the Blue Angels were here was in 2008. Generally Cleveland gets to host the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds alternating years. The first practice when arriving in an air show city is usually 90% flying to pick out marks, or landmarks to use as references for the pilots during their demo. Once they feel secure they have the timing of the landmarks set, they will do some formation flying, but will not fly a full […]

Photos of the F/A-18 Hornet, the number two fighter on my list. Besides a nice and big target for photographers, the Hornet provides a lot of muscle for support of the ground forces. It’s the first aircraft to be designated a Fighter and Attack classification, which is why it’s the F/A-18 and not the F-18. Multi-role capability, high survivability, and maneuverability nearly off of the charts, you have to love the F/A-18 Hornet. Enjoy ! (clicking on the pictures will take you to the gallery)

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