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Sunday’s weather was perfect for the F/A-18 Hornet demo. It clearly seemed the pilot also enjoyed flying in the low ceiling and high humidity of the Cleveland lakeshore. Enjoy !  

Two new videos from pdxaviationfan this time coming from KLMT, Kingsley Field. Enjoy ! httpv:// Four F-16C Fighting Falcons Take Off From LMT On Runway 14 httpv:// Five F-15D Eagles Take Off From LMT On Runway 14 Thanks again to Alex for sharing the great videos! Be sure to subscribe to pdxaviationfan’s YouTube channel for the latest uploads!

Shopping for a great gift idea? Try browsing the Photography by Hank Plumley Zazzle store for great ideas. Today would like to share some mugs that have some of the most viewed photos featured on them. As with nearly all Zazzle items, the mugs are 100% customizable by choosing your own style, color, size and more !

Red Flag Exercises at Nellis Air Force Base are among the best plane spotting events for military plane buffs. Was lucky enough to watch all the Red Flags held in 2009 and 2010. The pinnacle of it all was being able to join in on media day for Red Flag 10-4.

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