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During my coverage of the AEHF / Atlas V satellite launch, I was able to take some photos of the NASA Kennedy Space Center complex along the way. Enjoy ! (clicking on images will take you to the store)     The VAB or Vehicle Assembly Building, is the tallest building on the coast. Once you are near the gates, the building becomes visible. It sort of looms in the distance and for most of us, always is in the distance. It’s size is enormous, allowing the assembly of the tallest of spacecraft vertically in […]

I have created a Facebook Page for Photography by Hank Plumley. Thanks to the new social networking site, Empire Avenue, I have found some areas on the web that I would like to utilize to share information and photos. Stop on by and give it a like, share in the posts and conversations!    

I have been told I do not do a good job of promoting my photos as works of art for sale. To be honest, I find the sharing of information and the photos I take more important than hocking them for sale. Well, I will devote one post here and there to the products available through my Redbubble photo gallery for purchase. Many of the photos that I have posted are available and many more that are not posted as well. Each post’s pictures are links to either the website I used them from, in […]

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