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More photos from plane spotting at Nellis Air Force Base.   Enjoy !  

Some photos from my plane spotting trip to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. No tornado or huge thunderstorms this time! (Clicking on the images below will take you to the full gallery)  

May 23rd, 2011 was just another average Ohio day. 80 degrees, 89% humidity and a few storms rolling about. So yours truly decided to go to Cleveland Hopkins Airport to do so plane spotting. The large storm clouds being highlighted by a lowering sun provided too much of a dangled carrot for me not to go out.   The photo above was shot just after pulling into the spotting location. Nothing much really, just a few clouds being spun off of what would soon be known to be a tornadic thunderstorm.

Red Flag 11-2 NOTAMS : M0026/11 – LARGE FORCE EXERCISE IN PROGRESS. NO TRANSIENT ACFT ARRIVAL OR DEPARTURES DURING LAUNCH AND RECOVERY TIMES. MASS LAUNCH AND RECOVERY TIMES ARE: 24JAN 1930-2215 AND 25JAN 0215-0600,1930-2215 26JAN 0215-0600,1930-2215 27JAN 0215-0600,1930-2215 28JAN 0215-0600,1930-2215 29JAN 0215-0600   31JAN 1930-2215 1FEB 0215-0600, 1930-2215 2FEB 0215-0600, 1930-2215 3FEB 0215-0600, 1930-2215 4FEB 0215-0600, 1930-2215 5FEB 0215-0600.   23 JAN 06:44 2011 UNTIL 05 FEB 06:15 2011. CREATED: 23 JAN 06:44 2011   *Obtained from the Defense NOTAMs website. The local(Las Vegas) times and dates are – Monday thru Friday 11:30am-2:15pm and 6:15pm-10:00pm. […]

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