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Ahhh Fabulous Las Vegas! Few can say they REALLY don’t want to visit at least once. Fewer admit that they didn’t like it once they did visit! But many, many visitors approach a trip to Las Vegas as they would a trip to Oklahoma City, and that’s simply not the correct way to go about it! Hopefully the following post will help you in planning your first, or next trip to Las Vegas! Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign. 2009 Travel: Whether you swear by one of the many online travel sites, or choose […]

Currently I find myself planning yet another trip to the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. As I search for all the things one needs for a vacation trip, I fondly recall my first few trips to Vegas and how totally out of touch I was with the reality of Vegas. Talking with my friend, he too is amazed at what we didn’t know how to find, where to go, what to see, when to do it during our first couple of trips. So, seeing as I have a blog and have some time, I felt maybe […]

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