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So you’ve followed some of the tips in the previous post “Planning Your First Trip to Las Vegas” , and you’re now ready for a return trip to Fabulous Las Vegas. You have received tons of mailings from the casinos you gambled and sign up for a players card at. Now, which one do you choose? The best way to go about this is to make piles containing types of offers. As an example, you could separate the offers into “Two or more nights comp’d”,  “One night Comp’d”, “Discounted nights” stacks. Another good one is “Favorite Properties”, […]

It’s been a few posts since I wrote about the best location in the world, Las Vegas, Nevada. So while I was staring at the wall, pondering what part of Las Vegas to speak about, I caught site of my players cards hanging off of my dresser mirror. So why not write a post listing the best casino players clubs in Las Vegas? And so, I am!

Everyone wants to know what is the best casino/hotel in Vegas. What casino will I win at? Well, both questions are pretty much answered only by opinions of those asked. I can say however, the M Resort Spa Casino is one of the newest, most comfortable and best comping casino resorts in Vegas.

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