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Sorry for overlooking the NOTAMS, been really busy with painting and repairs around the house. Haven’t had much time for the blog or photography.   If you are planning to check out Red Flag 12-3, keep in mind this weekend is horrible for plane spotting at Nellis due to NASCAR running at the speedway. Much better to wait until Monday afternoon or Tuesday if your plans allow. M0101/12 – LARGE FORCE EXERCISE IN PROGRESS. NO TRANSIENT ACFT ARRIVAL OR DEPARTURES DURING LAUNCH AND RECOVERY TIMES. MASS LAUNCH/RECOVERY TIMES ARE: 1430L-1630L (2230Z-0030Z) AND 2130L-2330L (0530Z-0730Z). 02 MAR […]

Nellis Air Force base has cancelled the Red Flag exercise scheduled for July, 2011 (11-4). The official announcement can be found on the Nellis AFB Flying Operations page. The page states “CY”2011 and “CY” 2012, wondering if that is a typo and should be FY for fiscal year or could it mean current year? If it’s the latter, no Red Flag until 2012! The first Red Flag for fiscal years usually is in October. Will post updates as soon as they become available.   UPDATE -5/8/2011: Nellis Air Force Base has cancelled Red Flag 11-4 […]

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