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Photos from a drive on the A1A on North Hutchinson Island, Florida. August 2012. Enjoy !  

  Photos from the first snow of winter in Cleveland, Ohio 2010. This was a pure lake effect condition, so the East and South counties of Cleveland were buried the last few days. Here on the west-side, we just got into the fun today. More winter in Cleveland photos can be found in the gallery. Enjoy !

This post was inspired by a forum thread on Blog Catalog started by fellow BCer and blogger Ladygoodwood who started a debate about liking or hating winter. Being that it has been 89 degrees with 98% humidity here in Cleveland, I am currently a fan of winter, until it comes, then bring on the summer or get me to Vegas! Enjoy !

Again some photos from 2007 that somehow have been hiding on my computer. A few photos show the damage left by a wildfire that hit the area in 2006. The Canyon has since recovered to a good degree, but not yet 100% back.

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