How to tip in Las Vegas is one of the most asked questions I get via email. Also, from my own observations, is one of the least known things! When you arrive at your favorite hotel, you should look for the¬†Vegas2Go¬†handbook for visitors. It’s packed full of great info on the city as well as coupons and events for the next few weeks when your there!

The following list will help you with tipping in Vegas. Some information is from Vegas2GO.

  • Waitstaff – 15-20% of bill pre-tax, buffets – $1-$2 per person.
  • Valet – $3-$5 per car. If you ask for directions, special instructions(leave car close, help with luggage etc.) consider the higher end.
  • Dealer – equal to your AVERAGE bet once or twice an hour, pending your results. If you’re winning BIG, the tip should reflect that!

  • Cocktail Server – $1-$2 per drink EACH SERVE. This by far is the least followed tipping suggestion. It’s true that if you’re on a losing streak, it’s hard to think about tipping. You think the casino owes you that free drink! Well, you may be right, but the cocktail waitress doesn’t own the casino! Believe me when I say that you will get GREAT service if you tip. If you tip a little bit better, you’ll be remembered.

Example of this is at my favorite property, there is a cocktail waitress that remembers me by my drink order. I am not a local, I don’t live in Vegas. Sometimes there is 1/2 a yer between my trips and yet, she remembers me. I don’t tip outrageously, I tip fairly. She’s happy I tip, I am happy I am not thirsty while gaming. Seems like a win-win to me.

  • Concierge – $2 – $20 depending on what your requests are. More requests, higher tip.
  • Taxi Drivers – 15% of fare
  • Housekeeper – $1-$2 per day, more for special requests


  • Bell Staff – $1-$2 per bag, if they are humping and you are trying to keep up, a bit more.
  • Front Desk – $10-$50 on room upgrades
  • Spa and Salon – 15-20% of total cost
  • The hand pay floor attendant – Again this is a huge suggestion that is missed and often surrounded by urban legend.

If you hit the dreaded $1199 (quarter wager) and require a hand pay, you should tip the attendant. %5 is the going rate, though %2.5 is also acceptable. This % is also VERY flexible dependent on the size of your win. Not sure you’d want to give %5 of a few 100k win, then again you may. Biggest thing to remember is to tip something!

It’s very important to remember that the people working in the casinos are not the casino! When you are losing, it’s not their fault, don’t get mad at them! When you win, or use one of their services, show your appreciation by using the above listing as guide.